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We say: “no empty calories!”, “quite unhealthy bars and sweets!” – The food industry will never be the same again, FITKIT Protein Chocoron is changing the game!

Protein biscuits Protein Chocoron diet food manufacturer Fit Kit. High quality protein with essential amino acids. Helps to increase the amount of protein in the diet of a professional athlete or amateur.

What are the benefits of eating Fit Kit Protein Cookies?

The manufacturer uses low-calorie ingredients without additives harmful to human health. Does not use sugar, GMOs and preservatives. Products undergo a multi-stage quality control system. Cookies help to quickly satisfy hunger and have a snack during the day or after a workout. Does not harm the figure and is suitable for people who are on a diet or monitor the quality of nutrition.


  1. Amino Acid Muscle Support.
  2. High percentage of protein in the composition.
  3. Quickly satisfies hunger.
  4. Low calorie.
  5. Maintains a high level of anabolism.