1.000 KD

Protein REX Mini Cake


Women know what kind of work it is to be beautiful, to maintain beauty. Don’t forget about healthy eating. Limit yourself for the sake of your figure… The eternal choice is low-calorie food or fluffy cake, cookies for tea in a moment of rest or something dietary. Food, nutrition is a valuable pleasure, you don’t want to deny yourself it! After all, a woman is created for pleasure, not stress. That’s why we’re introducing a new snack, protein cake – a delicious carrot cake with nutmeg and pecans. You can safely introduce dessert for weight loss into your diet: this includes sports nutrition that energizes you before a workout, and sugar-free sweets, your favorite treats that you can afford throughout the day. Nutmeg and pecan carrot cake with melt-in-your-mouth filling, shortbread crumbs and buttercream is a healthy, no-regrets snack.