Vieve Protein Water

1.250 KD

UK-based Vieve has expanded its beverage portfolio with the launch of the “world’s first watermelon-flavoured protein drink”.

The flavoured water contains no fat, sugar or artificial colours or flavours. The product joins two other Vieve flavours: strawberry and rhubarb, and citrus, apple and mint.

Vieve is a naturally flavoured water infused with 20g of protein, with 85 calories per bottle. The firm said it can be enjoyed after a workout or as a hydrating protein top-up during the day.

Rafael Rozenson, Vieve founder, said: “Our consumers are always at the forefront of our mind, so when it came to developing a new flavour, we actually turned around and asked them which Vieve flavour they’d like to see next.

“We have 700 people in our database who have supported us since the launch, which is why we wanted to reward them by offering a chance to help with the brand’s future development. Out of all survey responses, watermelon was by far and away the preferred flavour to launch.”

He added: “I really think these three flavours deliver on our mission with a slightly different taste profile for each product. Our strawberry and rhubarb flavour, as an example, is quite sweet, while our citrus flavour is a bit more neutral.

“The watermelon is somewhere in between, offering the best of both worlds. I’ve found through sampling the new flavour at trade shows, Vieve has a flavour for everybody.”