1.000 KD

Snaq Fabriq Bombbar in sugar-free chocolate – he has collected all the best in himself.

Small weight and size: the bar weighs 40 grams.

Now it’s easier to eat (if you couldn’t handle 60 grams) and easier to take with you.

Coated in natural sugar-free chocolate: real cocoa butter, natural sweetener, no sugar or harmful oils.

Only the highest quality European ingredients and maximum control of the production process.

Snaq Fabriq brand dietary nutrition is designed for nutrition of athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

The sports nutrition market needs quality dietary products.

It is important to diversify the human diet without an abundance of foods with a lot of fast carbohydrates, trans fats, GMOs and other harmful components.

The company offers a healthy alternative in the form of delicious, nutritious and low calorie bars based on quality ingredients.