NH2 CAPS PRO(stimulant free)

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Product description Starlabs ko Nh2 Stimfree Pro Fat Reducer 120 Units

The nh2 stim free® pro is a latest generation thermogenic with a formulation of higher quality ingredients, aimed at achieving the greatest and most efficient weight loss, forcing the organism to oxidize accumulated fat to obtain energy and block the ingested fat , so that its accumulation is reduced and its elimination is enhanced. Its complete and versatile formula also acts as an appetite suppressor, controlling food anxiety, blocking the ingested hydrates so that the excess of these is not accumulated as a fatty tissue, accelerating the metabolism to increase weight loss and improving gastrointestinal health. With a rapid and effective effect, nh2 stim free® pro is one of the most versatile thermogenic market since it does not contain any stimulant of the central nervous system, so you can consume at any time of the day without risk of affecting sleep or causing nervousness. Or starlabs nutrition: it favors a healthy fatty weight loss without creating stimulation or nervousness. Increases basal metabolism and oxidation of fatty tissue without affecting night sleep. Improve cognitive capacity, memorization and mood. It reduces the possibility of developing metabolic and cardiovascular problems. It provides a hepatoprotective function and improves the elimination of heavier employment metal , glazing agent (hydroxyprpylmethylcellose), chitosan (crustaceans), inositol, choline bitartrate, l-tyrosine coleus forskolii dry estract ((coleus forskohlii (poir.) briq., root), raspberry dry extract (rubus idaeus l. Undaria dry estract ((undaria pinnaifida (harvey) suringar, algae), l-methionine, bacopa dry extract (bacop nesium steterate and silicon dioxide) and chromium picoline. (1) non eu.presentaciónvase of 120 capsules. View less

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