MAP ENERGY Instant Essential Amino Acids 345g.


MAP Energy ® from WheyLand ® contains 7.5 grams per dose of the 9 essential amino acids essential for the proper functioning of the body, thus being the perfect complement for the correct development and maintenance of muscles.
It is complemented with Beta-Alanine to counteract fatigue and inhibit the accumulation of lactic acid, with taurine and choline bitartrate to increase concentration and the neurostimulatory response, as well as guarana as a stimulant to increase performance. It is complemented with a small amount of Cluster Dextrin ®  as a state-of-the-art hydrate source to provide a prolonged energy supply over time, making it the perfect complement before or during training.

      • Complex of essential amino acids with stimulating factor and concentration enhancer.
      • 7.5g of essential amino acids per dose from plant fermentation for better maintenance and development of muscles.
      • Supplemented with beta-alanine, taurine, choline bitartrate and guarana.
      • It increases physical performance, reduces fatigue and provides a slightly stimulating effect.
      • Gluten-free, lactose-free and suitable for vegans.

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