Fine’s Hair Booster 60 Gummies

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About the product

A balanced, safe and effective natural formula of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients designed to stimulate scalp hair growth and prevent further hair loss. No more hair loss Maintain healthy hair, skin and nails Free of artificial colors or flavors Free of gluten, lactose, wheat and yeast Description: The vitamins, minerals and other ingredients included in this product may also: Maintain healthy hair, skin and nails Strengthen Hair & Elasticity Improve Hair Quality Make Hair Thick, Long & Strong Improve Wound Healing Prevent Skin Ageing Improve Skin Hydration Slow Down Ageing Prevent Osteoporosis Improve High Blood Pressure Decrease Bad Cholesterol (LDL) Increase Good Cholesterol (HDL) Improve Glycemic control Prevent Gastrointestinal Problems Improve Migraine Improve Anxiety Prevent Gallstone Formation Boost Blood Circulation Promote Healthy Muscles Boost Immune System Provide Various Other Health Benefits

How to use?

2 gummies per day This product is FREE of artificial colors or flavors, gluten, lactose, wheat & yeast. Keep out of reach of children Not recommended for children under 3 years. Consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or taking medications Store in a dry place and avoid excessive heat.


Halaw Vines, to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss, contains: • Biotin • Choline bittrate • Cysteine • Folic acid • Hydrolyzed collagen • Inositol • Millet extract • Potassium iodide • Vitamin A • Vitamin B5 • Vitamin B6 • Vitamin B12 • Vitamin C • Vitamin D3 • Vitamin E • Vitamin K2 • Zinc citrate

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