Diablo no added Sugar 80% Dark Chocolate with Stevia (75g)ومناسب ايضا للكيتو دايت

1.250 د.ك

Sugar-free dark chocolate with sweeteners
Conventional chocolate usually only gets its taste from the added sugar in combination with many fats. Diablo, however, has managed to create chocolates that have a delicious taste without any added sugar and have a nice consistency on the tongue. By avoiding sugar, you also save a few calories and do not get any more cravings because the insulin level does not rise so much.

لوح الشوكلاتة الداكنة ( 80% من الشوكلاتة الداكنة )  اختيار مناسب وصحي لمتبعي الحمية ولمرضى السكر وخالية من الغلوتين والسكر

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