1.000 KD

Nano Ä – Amino Vibe EAAs/Energy Drink – 330ml

Looking for some ‘good VIBE-rations’?! Nano Ä are bringing higher ‘excitations’ to your training and daily routine with Amino Vibe – the clean energy drink that helps you focus on what really matters, so you can vibe harder, faster and higher than ever before!

We’ve all been out of the ‘vibe’… you feel lethargic, achy and everything generally sucks – Amino Vibe was designed to support recovery and provide natural energy when it matters most! Reach higher with 105mg of energy boosting caffeine – enhance recovery with 300mg essential amino acids – avoid sugar with a naturally sweetened formula and taste the true ‘vibez’ in two tropical flavours – Pink Berry (essentially watermelon strawberry) & Tropical Mango!


Why Nano Amino Vibe?!

  • Vegan
  • Just 13Kcals
  • 0g Sugar
  • Free From Artificial Colour
  • 105mg Caffeine per can
  • 300mg EAAs

Amino Vibe suits the conscientious, creative Mixer seeking a clean, on-the-go energy drink, that packs a little punch and tastes like the sun! #VIBE