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Adonis Protein Cookies Dough Bar High Protein Snack – With Over 15g of Protein, Our Delicious Chunky Style Protein Bar Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings!
Taste – It’s So Good! – Covered in Milk Chocolate, Crunchy Cookie Crisps, and a Gooey Chocolate Layer. Combined With Our World Famous Protein Cookie Dough and Loaded With Hazelnuts, It’s Soft, It’s Sweet and It’s Ready to Eat!

Features of Adonis Protein Cookies Dough Bar

  • Protein 15.5g Fat 9.4g Carbs 8.9g Calories 204
  • Flavours & taste: 2 flavours available (Tried and tested by many to create phenomenal flavours)
  • Box contains 12 x 55g Bars
  • Timing: Any time of the day!
  • Gluten-Free

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