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Fit Kit puts a cake on top of a donut, and covers it in chocolate for another Protein Cake spin-off

Fit Kit Donut Protein Cake

It was only a couple of days ago we shared a completely new protein snack from the Russian company Fit Kit, known for its Protein Cake and the many different variations it has available. The recently released product from the functional food company was Protein Cups, a protein-packed twist on the classic chocolate peanut butter cup, but it turns out that’s not all Fit Kit had up its sleeve.

The brand has dropped another innovation on the week, and this brings us back to its signature snack, Protein Cake; where, as we’ve seen it do a few times before, it has created a spin-off of the high-protein product. Coming to market alongside Protein Cups is Fit Kit’s Protein Cake Donut or Donut Protein Cake as it’s written on the label, which does involve a traditional donut but not how you’d think.

Fit Kit’s Donut Protein Cake is made of a small doughy donut at the base, then a sweet strawberry jelly pushed into the center, an airy banana cake on top of that, then all wrapped in delicious milk chocolate. To say this is unique is an understatement, as while on the outside it’s not too different from a typical Protein Cake, on the inside, things have been twisted around to create a very different experience.

The weight of the Donut Protein Cake from Russia’s Fit Kit is heavy at 100g a piece, so there is plenty of nutrition to it at 15g of protein, 11g of fat, 32g of carbohydrates, with no sugar, and 243 calories. For something of that size, the macros are rather impressive, and fans, as well as anyone interested in trying the donut base, chocolate-covered protein cake, can already grab it directly from the brand’s website.

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